Have you discovered Bio Sculpture Gel Nails?

Brisa nails

Bio Sculpture gel is a long lasting nail gel, and it's chip proof so your nails keep their well-manicured look for weeks, not just days – no smudging and no chipping. Bio Sculpture is an advanced nail treatment that makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong – naturally. It promotes the growth of the natural nail so helps you grow your own nails. Applied onto a prepared nail Bio Sculpture Gel cures under a UVA light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy finish. Your natural nails can also be extended or strengthened so don’t worry if you have just broken a nail or have one that splits, the treatment can be tailored to your needs.

Brisa Nails

  • Thin, Strong and Flexible
  • Natural looking
  • No dust, no fumes, no odour
  • Dries instantly under UV light
  • Quick and easy removal
  • Preserve the health of the natural nail
  • Gel available in Clear, French and over 50 colours!
  • Gel nails can be applied to Fingers and Toes

Gel Extensions
A unique feature to Biosculpture Gel is its ability to be used to sculpt a durable but flexible natural looking nail. The Biosculpture Sculpting Gel is the same colour as a natural nail, giving a perfect natural look. Gel nail sculptures assure length without the use of tips and glues and will last until the natural nail has grown out to the required length. Also if you have a few nails which are shorter than the others you can use Gel Extensions to extend those to match

An application of Clear Gel, Colour Gel or French Gel onto a prepared natural nail. It will leave a shiny, flexible, durable protection and give a neat, well groomed appearance. It gives the effect of a longer lasting nail varnish. They will appear very natural, will give your own nail more strength and look fantastic.